Asha's House

Main Features of Asha's House

Large Outdoor Area

Open Floor Plan

7 Unique Bedrooms

2 Large ADA Bathrooms

Half Bath for Staff & Visitors

Theatre Room/Storm Shelter

Recreation Room/Classroom

Sunroom with Waterfall

Family Room

Large Eat-In Kitchen


The house will be located on 1 to 1.5 acres of land. The exact location is yet to be determined, but will likely be around the greater Omaha, Nebraska area. It will have an open floor plan to increase accessibility options and allow for sociability and communication. There will be a total of 7 spacious bedrooms, each uniquely decorated and designed to provide an environment for rest and retreat. The house will have two large ADA friendly walk-in bathrooms, allowing for accessibility and safety. There will also be a half bathroom available for staff and visitors. A large theatre room, which will double as a storm shelter, will include seating for eight and feature a large screen for viewing movies and watching TV. There will be an additional space for a recreation room, that will also serve as a classroom, for various art activities, game playing, exercise and learning activities. A unique feature of Asha’s house will be an enclosed sunroom that can be used for relaxing and meditation. This will also include a beautiful waterfall feature and can serve as a quiet sensory space. The house will have a large eat-in kitchen where everyone can gather to share meals together and join in on helping with meal preparation. It will also have a family room where everyone can gather to relax, visit and socialize.

Floor Plans and 3D Architectural Rendering to come!