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Angels Among Us – Meet Molly

Angels Among Us – Meet Molly

Choosing love for her child over living in a nice home, Molly knew it was the right
thing to do when facing a decision to get the special needs child insurance. The story
took the Omaha-area duo on a path of challenges before finally finding a home they
helped build through perseverance and a little sweat.

Molly befriended her adopted daughter’s mother around 1995 when the 14-year-old
learned she was about six months pregnant. The teen, who smoked and drank, didn’t
receive prenatal care. simcity 5 crackeado 2019 To exacerbate things, the teenage girl’s grandmother, who
was the parental role model, died.

Julie was born in 1995. Soon afterward, she and her mother moved to Texas.
Working as a prostitute, it became apparent the mother couldn’t take care of Julie.
She turned to Molly for help.

Molly obtained legal custody of the baby, and they’ve been a family since.

Their life together hasn’t been a bowl of cherries. Julie was diagnosed as autistic with
Pervasive Development Disorder, which impacts the development of socialization
and communication skills, Molly said. PDD is usually detected when a child is three,
but Julie was diagnosed at age two.

Molly loved Julie from early on and wanted her as her legal daughter, so she
adopted her in 1998. Unfortunately, Molly made too much money for Julie to qualify
for state assistance, including insurance. With medical and other assistance
necessary for Julie’s care and development, Molly faced a difficult decision.

“I had a beautiful house,” Molly said. “But, it came down to either having a nice
house or getting Julie insurance.”

So, while she dreaded surrendering her home, Molly realized it was just a building.
Her love for Julie, arevo uninstaller pro crackeado 2019nd the help she needed and deserved, overrode her dream
home. They could live anywhere together.

Off they went, living in a variety of apartments for the next several years. Because of
Julie’s developmental issues, her behavior was seen by outsiders as possible abuse.

“It was a challenge caring for her,” Molly said. “People called Child Protective
Services when she had meltdowns.”

Having to find new places to live, the family bounced around, calling 5-7 apartments
home over the years.

Tired of regular moves, Molly wanted to again have a house that they could call
theirs. In what she believes was a miracle from God, Molly learned about Habitat for
Humanity, and was encourfraps downloadaged to apply. She thought it was a long shot, but
dreamed of living in their own, permanent home.

Having to move apartments once again, Molly pretty much gave up on the Habitat for
Humanity house. But, as miracles often happen, by chance she was finally
contacted, they’d been looking for her, but didn’t have her new address.

Molly was pre-approved for a house. She rushed to meet the deadline for her

After putting in 250 hours – along with a friend volunteering another 250 – Molly and
Julie received the keys to their home. Since 2014, the family hasn’t worried about a
roof over their heads.

“Ever since then, it’s been one blessing after another blessing,” Molly said.

She looks at Asha’s House as one of those blessings. When in need of additional
care, or a break in her own caregiving, she knows she can turn to Asha’s House.

A talented writer, Julie prefers working independently. Asha’s House will be able to
assist with that. In fact, Sharon believes that Julie could write a play that others could
perform as part of her experience.

Asha’s House plans to recruit volunteers, who can help with computer programming,
writing, and other skills required of a script writer. Julie loves writing scripts and
would enjoy such a program, Molly said.

Asha’s House seeks to offer a variety of programs that can serve a broad segment of
young people with special needs.

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