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Angels Among Us – Meet Mandy

Angels Among Us – Meet Mandy

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome creates innocent victims whose lives are permanently challenged in a variety of ways. For Mandy and her husband, the family embraced caring for a young girl with FAS, as well as a younger sister with fetal alcohol symptoms.

The Omaha family welcomed LeeAnn, then two years old, and her younger sister, into their home while their mother tried to find a home and job. But, after running into legal problems, their young biological mother asked Mandy to care for the children.

The young mother’s legal problems led to a prison sentence, and she eventually lost her parental rights. The children’s father, also in prison, relinquished his rights.

After caring for them for a couple of years, the Omaha couple, with three biological children of their own, adopted LeeAnn, then five, and her four-year-old sister. They had no idea of the challenges that awaited them.

As LeeAnn matured, her mental capacities trailed children of the same age, Mandy said. Tests at Munroe-Meyer Institute revealed she had Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

As LeeAnn started school, she was placed in special education classes, and was about five years behind in development, compared with children her age, Mandy said.

In addition to academic issues, LeeAnn had incidents related to her temper and often spoke out loud to voices in her head, Mandy said. All related to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

As she matured, other issues arose, Mandy said. Romantic relationships could be challenging, as she wasn’t psychologically or sexually mature, and had boundary issues. The family paid close attention to her relationships.

“She’s a pretty girl and is very loving,” Mandy said.

After receiving a modified high school diploma, school counselors suggested LeeAnn participated in a government program to be trained in a trade. allavsoft crackeado Training to be a caregiver, she didn’t receive her state certification because she wasn’t able to understand test questions, Mandy said.

LeeAnn met her future husband, Mason, at that school. After the young couple married, Mandy and her husband found a mobile home for them to live, about two miles from the parents.

While Mason is high functioning on the spectrum, his mental development includes temper issues, which have caused him to lose jobs, Mandy said.

While Mandy and her husband strive to have a life separate from daily caring for their adult children, it’s been a challenge, as LeeAnn requires daily follow-up. She’ll call her mother several times a day – up to 20, Mandy said.

“It’s physically challenging because you’re not getting sleep,” Mandy said. “She’s always on and always requires supervision. We don’t feel like we can go or do anything because they were so abusive with the people we’d leave them with. She gets it in her head that someone has wronged hyoutube by click crackeado 2019er and she’ll lock herself in her room, and she won’t go to work. You’re standing outside her room, trying to get her to go. It’s emotionally draining.”

Even though LeeAnn and Mason are adults, in their early 20s, Asha’s House can offer Mandy’s family relief with overnight stays. As Mandy and her husband spend time together, relaxing or maybe enjoying a date night, Asha’s House staff can work as a team in supervising LeeAnn and Mason, including activities, dinner, and other fun events. If the couple need special attention or supervision, Asha’lumion 11 crackeados House will be staffed with several people, who can help with that.

Security at Asha’s House will include an iron fence, so, if someone leaves the house, they won’t be able to leave the grounds.

So, for Mandy’s family, Asha’s House answers prayers for assistance, and a little alone time.

“I’d give anything to have had Asha’s House before,” Mandy said.

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